Svanborg, Anders. Öfningar i Arabiskan.

Uppsala, Johann Frederik Edman, 1802.

4to. (10), 56 pp.

(Bound with) II: The same. Första Grunderna i Arabiska Spraket. Ibid., 1804. (4), 58 pp. Later half cloth.


Sammelband containing two rare study books by Anders Svanborg, teacher of Greek and Oriental languages at the Swedish Royal Academy at Uppsala. The first is a compilation of Arabic texts (from Lokman's Fables, the Qur'an, etc.) with original Swedish translations; the second is a brief grammar.

A few contemporary underlinings and notes in pencil.


Schnurrer 99f., no. 146; 106f., no. 150. OCLC 41108858, 41132955.

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