Keller, Helen, Schriftstellerin (1880-1968). Ms. Brief mit eigenh. U.

New York, 6. XII. 1954.

1 S. Gr.-4to.


Im Namen der "American Foundation for Overseas Blind" an einen Mr. Fabry betreffs einer Spende für blinde Kinder in Südkorea: "We who love peace must recognize our eternal indebtedness to the gallant people of South Korea for their bitter sacrifices during the war so recently ended [...] The Foundation has already established a fine school and training center for [Korea's blind youngsters] outside Pusan. There and at the new Taegu School for the Blind and Deaf 250 handicapped young people, inspired with firm faith and dauntless courage, are learning to break through the barriers off darkness and silence [...] Yet Korean government records list a total of 50,000 sightless children [...]".

Auf Briefpapier mit gedr. Briefkopf der "American Foundation for Overseas Blind".

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