Manuscript on an epidemic outbreak

Pasteur, Louis, French chemist and microbiologist (1822-1895). Autograph manuscript.

N. p., 10. VIII. 1857.

4to. 1½ pp. on 1 bifolium and 1 single leaf.


Notes on silkworm disease. The present manuscript constitutes notes compiled by Pasteur in Swiss Alps in 1857 with the help of observations of a silk breeder. Pasteur's notes contain comparative information on the disease afflicting silkworms and diseases of vineyards and mulberry trees: "Note sur les éducations de vers à soie destinée à la confection de la graine, faite en 1857 dans la Suisse, les montagnes des Basses-Alpes et d'autres localités où l'épidémie n'a pas paru; par M. Guérin [illegible]. […]". Certainly, Pasteur relied on these notes and other accounts when he traveled to the south of France in 1865 to investigate diseases among silkworms wreaking havoc in the French silk industry as he had no prior knowledge of the silkworm disease he was comissioned to investigate. Within three years he succeeded in isolating the bacilli of two distinct diseases and in finding a procedure to prevent contagion as well as in detecting diseased stock.

Slight marginal soiling, otherwise in mint condition.

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