"to breathe the air of freedom"

Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand, Führer der indischen Unabhängigkeitsbewegung (1869-1948). Eigenh. Briefentwurf.

O. O., wohl März 1946.

1 S. 8vo.


Auf der Verso-Seite eines an ihn gerichteten ms. Briefes eines Anhängers namens George Mammen: "Our India will have need of you. You have had your training. You will give India the benefit of that training. It would be sad only if after the trials and suffering ["of war" durchgestrichen] that our soldiers have been through, they forget the lessons of their eyes, the moment the peril is lifted. But one thing you should remember, under national Govt, you won't be pampered. You won't have all those lavish remunerations and privileges which a foreign Govt. bribed you with at the expense of India. India is destitute. You can serve her only by showing her destitution and poverty. Otherwise you will earn not the gratitude but the execration of your country. [Am oberen Rand:] You will, I know, fully share in this freedom, only to breathe the air of freedom with your countrymen".

Etwas knittrig und lichtrandig und mit einigen kleinen Stecknadeldurchstichen.

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