Wright, Frank Lloyd, American architect and interior designer (1867-1959). Autograph manuscript.

N. p., [ca. 1926].

4to. 2 pp. on 2 ff.


Ramblings from a man who has loved and lost with the blame firmly placed upon his own shoulders; a vexing manuscript from Wright clearly revealing the effects of his personal upheavals. "I am regarded as though I had stolen myself, gone off with what was not my own. And I am traduced, derided, despised, held up to public contempt and loathing. My character is remorselessly assassinated: no means however vile are spared to injure my property or my work. It is a falsity that men respect and honor independent of thought and action. Tolerance in anything or anywhere is plainly a gentle lie. It is in no man's heart. The perception of Beauty is a moral test. The body is the first proselyte the soul makes. Our life is but the soul made known by its fruits, -- the body. The whole duty of man is expressed in one line. Make to yourself a perfect body! To be a man is to do a man's work! The true laborer is recompensed by his labor not by his employer. Laws are a matter of lawyers and judges. Lawyers and judges, as such, are not men of sense or principle but creatures of law: In any high moral sense they are not men at all! Earth song. Universal [in pencil]. I who have shown that I can behave particularly well am put under bonds for good behaviour! Every man should see that his influence is on the side of justice -- and let the courts make their own characters. Men talk about Bible miracles because there is no miracle in their lives. Cease to gnaw that crust, there is a ripe fruit overhead! Woe to him who wants a companion, for he is unfit even to be the companion even of himself! We inspire friendship in men when we have contracted friendship with the gods. Any reverence, even [if] a material thing proceeds from an elevation of character?".

With a few revisions; first page devoid of 3 inches of paper, marginal fraying and chipping, the two pages affixed together at head.

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