Frederick II, the Great, King of Prussia (1712-1786). 5 autograph letters signed.

Potsdam and Charlottenburg, probably late 1770s to mid-1780s.

Mostly 4to. Altogether 3¼ pp. on 5 ff.


Very personal letters to a lady looking after his sick sister who is already better. "Ma bonne Madame. Vous aurez la bonté de dire à ma chère soeur que je serais venu aujourd'huy chez elle pour prendre congé, si je n'avais craint de l'incommoder que je fais mille voeux pour sa conservation, et pour son consentement et que je pars plus tranquille d'ici que je n'y suis arrivé. L'ayant vu avant hier d'une santé passable, vous aurez la bonté de m'écrire quelque fois de ses nouvelles [...] ou si le malheur veut qu'il luy surviennent quelques incommodités soignez m'informer, car réellement je tremble lorsque j'apprends qu'elle est indisposée" ("My good Madame. You will have the kindness to tell my dear sister that I would have come today to say good-bye to her, had I not feared to incommodate her and that I make a thousand wishes for her conservation and her consent and that I part calmer from here than I arrived. As I saw her yesterday in acceptable health, you will have the kindness to write to me about her news sometimes [...] or if bad luck wants it that some malaise comes across her please inform me as I really tremble when I hear that she is indisposed"; transl. from the French original).

A cough prevented Frederick II to visit his sister to wish her a happy New Year and so he sends "all the most advantageous things that a brother who loves his sister tenderly could wish her" in his letter. He hopes that he will soon get the news that his sister has completely recovered and he announces his visit for 10 o'clock in the morning the next day.

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