In italienischer Sprache an seinen Pariser Verleger Léon Escudier

Verdi, Giuseppe, Komponist (1813-1901). Eigenh. Brief mit U. ("G. Verdi").

Mailand, 18. XI. 1845.

1½ SS. auf Doppelblatt. 8vo. Mit eh. Adresse.


In italienischer Sprache an seinen Pariser Verleger Léon Escudier: "I have received almost contemporaneously your very much valued letters. Lucca has assured me that you would have the preference of the Opera of London, and that this affair shall be definitively concluded when I and Lucca in April shall pass through Paris to go to London. As to the Opera, it suffices that you sustain me. I want to advise you that in the Carnival of 1847 I must write an Opera for L. which shall be performed in Rome, thus I could not make in that period another Opera. For the present we must suspend this business, and the case wh shall speak of it when I shall be in Paris. Give me news of Ernania [...]" (engl. Übs.).

Faltspuren; das Adreßblatt gering eingerissen. Provenienz: Aus einer Chicagoer Privatsammlung.

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