[Austrian Foreign Trade]. Katar.

Vienna, Bundeskammer der Gewerblichen Wirtschaft, 1960.

8vo. 70 pp., final blank. Original illustrated stiff wrappers with a map on the inside front cover.


Curious German-language foreign trade monograph issued by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, directed at Austrian concerns aiming to do business with Qatar. Contains general geographical data and statistics, details on units of measurements, economic structure, and customs of trade, as well as the role of the Al-Thani dynasty and of the Ruler Sheikh Ali bin Abdulla Al-Thani. Information includes such facts as that "more than any other country on the Gulf, Qatar owes its economic development uniquely to oil exploration" (with a list of all oil companies active in the country); "the principal trade potential for Austrian concerns will be in construction material, furniture and various luxury articles for the European-American colony, cheap textiles, sweets, leather goods, motor cars (especially petrol-driven lorries), and stationery, while Austrian construction machinery and tools cannot compete with the strong British market"; "the main difficulties for Austrian exports lie in the Austrian concerns' failure to observe the oriental trade customs, and to choose sales representatives with sufficient care"; "business ethics among Qatar tradesmen is high throughout, notwithstanding the occasional shyster merchant and even some downright shady characters"; "gilt-stamped stationery with endless lists of banking references counts for little when judging a company's trustworthiness on the Gulf"; "the price is all that matters - Qatar is a price-driven buyer's market, and the argument of quality is usually quite secondary"; "Service! always offer spare parts and include them with delivery"; "always provide adequate samples - Arabs have little use for pictures and always prefer to order what they have seen with their own eyes"; "German is entirely unknown; all advertisements must be in English or Arabic, and highly colourful, even if not agreeable to the European taste; trademarks must appeal even to the illiterate"; "in view of the long sea journey and the careless, indeed often brutal methods of handling goods in the Orient, the packaging of all shipments must be excessively robust and safe for the tropics", etc.


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