[Hydrographic Office]. Red Sea. Compiled from the most recent Surveys in the Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty to 1884.

London, Admiralty, 1885/1944.

990 x 660 mm. Lithographed with some lighthouses highlighted in purple. Serial number 2523 (Zc1940). Folded.


New edition of the Royal Navy's 1885 hydrographic map of the Red Sea, engraved by Edward Weller (revised 8 May 1912, 23 Feb. 1917), showing depths and lighthouses, with all principal ports from the Gulf of Suez to Aden, including Jeddah. Reproduced by the U.S. Hydrographic Office for use by the U.S. Navy during the Second World War ("Emergency Reproduction of B. A. Chart", last reissued July 1944). Navy's pink stamp, dated 17 Feb. 1945, in right margin. Well preserved.

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