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New housing for Aramco employees

[Saudi Arabia - Aramco]. Warner, Daniel Warren Brickell, American architect (1914-2005). Housing studies for Aramco.

Rome, 1952-1954.

2 albums: "Jeddah Housing" (38 photostats) and "Aramco Housing" (7 photos and 75 photostats), each bound in blue half-cloth measuring 405 x 270 mm.

Two highly detailed studies for new housing (single residences, family housing, duplex and fourplex units) to be provided to Aramco personnel at Jeddah, Dhahran, and Ras Tanura. Both albums include site plans, floor plans, elevations, perspectives, and views, along with extremely detailed construction plans for staircases, drainage, air conditioning, gates, driveways, etc. The plans were commissioned in 1952 when Dhahran became Aramco's executive headquarters. D. W. B. Warner, a former lieutenant in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, established his first architectural practice in Auburn, New York, in 1946, but relocated to California in the later 1940s. In 1951 he moved to Rome, where he worked for the main European office of Aramco's Overseas Company (AOC), a branch which not only supplied purchasing and recruiting services to its parent in Saudi Arabia but also included engineering services. He returned to San Francisco in 1955.

Both albums captioned and dated on the flyleaf in the architect's own hand. In excellent state of preservation.