[Marx, Laura]. - Lavigne, Raymond, unionist (1851-1930). Autograph postcard signed.

Arcachon, 17 juillet 1910.

1 p. 138 x 89 mm.


Addressed to "Madame Paul Lafargue à Draveil - Seine et Oise". The postcard shows a photograph of Paul and Laura [Marx] Lafargue: "Mes plus sincères remerciements à la citoyenne Laura Marx Lafargue pour son aimable et précieuse signature à mon adresse. Son respectueux et dévoué […]".

Jenny Laura Marx (1845-1911), the second daughter of Karl Marx and Jenny von Westphalen, married the political writer and activist Paul Lafargue in 1868. She translated the Coummunist Manifesto to French. Paul Lafargue and Laura Marx Lafargue committed suicide together in 1911.

The socialist and political activist Raymond Lavigne (1851-1930) from Bordeaux was famous for building clandestine unions prior to the law in 1884 which authorized this for the first time. He was one of the leaders of the "Fédération nationale des syndicats" and secretary to the French Worker's Party.

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