Rifle manual left behind by Ottoman soldiers in the Battle of Tel El Kebir

[Ottoman military manual - firearms]. Ta'limat al-Madafi' - al-Shishanah.

Cairo, [early May 1864 CE] = awa'il Du'l-Hijja 1280 H.

8vo. 13 [instead of 17, lacking pp. 3-6], (1), 2, 386 pp. Contemporary half leather with coloured paper boards.


Fourth volume only of the Ottoman military manual "Ta'limat al-'Askariya al-Mustajadda" ("Instructions for the New Model Army"), discussing firearms, guns and artillery in the Ottoman army. Translated from Turkish into Arabic by Captain Hasan Effendi Muzahhar with the assistance of his fellow officer Mohammed Effendi 'Abi'l Hasan. The title ("Gun Instructions - The Shishana") denotes an old Ottoman lock rifle produced mostly in Syria.

Binding severely rubbed and bumped; spine chipped; remains of old lending label on upper cover. Handwritten English note on flyleaf: "found in a tent at Tel-el-Kebir / 14 September 1882 / T. J. Jones". In the Battle of Tel El Kebir (13 Sept. 1882), fought near the Suez Canal, the British military defeated the Egyptian army led by Ahmed Urabi following an insurrection of Egyptian soldiers during the Anglo-Egyptian War.

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