[Cyclades - Syros]. Moreau, [Louis Gabriel] (l'aîné). Vue de la ville et du port de Syra isle de l'archipel. Avec la représentation de quelques uns des secours que les Syriotes ont données aux François.

[Paris, E. de Neuilly, 1785].

Engraving (plate measurements 326 x 446, whole sheet 442 x 588 mm).


A view of the port and town of Ano Syros, the principal settlement on the island of Syros in the Aegean Sea. The detailed captions identify skirmishes between Ottoman corsairs, French vessels and Syriote coastal batteries; a ship stricken by the plague; the island where the Syriotes quarantined sufferers of infectious diseases; a shipwreck, etc.

Although formally under Ottoman rule, the Cyclades enjoyed considerable autonomy, and the large number of Catholics on Syros stood under the protection of France and Rome.

Engraved by E. de Neuilly after the drawing by Moreau (1740-1806; cf. Thieme/B. XXV, 129). Some light brownstaining, but well preserved.