Cavendish, Frederick, English politician (1836-1882). Autograph letter signed.

Carnforth, [1881].

8vo. 1 p. on bifolium. Includes a photographic portrait (103 x 150 mm).


To the Liberal Party politician Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman: "The proposal as to the rank of the officer which was sanctioned in 1876 is deported from. If you approve with the view, I have no doubt we shall easily be able to dispose of the question when ever are both of us in London again [...]".

On stationery with address "Holker Hall", stamped in red, Lord Cavendish's home. Collector's note verso adding: "Mr. Campbell Bannerman Interview ( - Nov. 81) Case of Assistant Inspector of Submarine Mining.

Official letter sent in sense of W.O. suggestion - generally". With old traces of mounting on verso.

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