Mundella, A. J., English manufacturer, reformer and Liberal Party politician (1825-1897). Autograph letter signed.

[London], 12. VIII. 1882.

8vo. 3 pp. on bifolium. Includes a photographic portrait (103 x 144 mm).


To the British politician Leonard Henry Courtney (1832-1918) about the extension of the South Kensington Museum (Victoria and Albert Museum): "We are sending a letter to the Treasury about the completion of the new buildings of the S. Kensington Museum. There has been so much fruitless correspondence about the selection of Genl [General] Scott and other details, that I rush to urge upon you the desirability of a meeting of the representatives of the Board of Wales, the Treasury and the Education Department, to dismiss the questions in dispute and to endeavour to arrive at some understanding without any further official [...]. I am afraid it is too late for this before the breaking up of Parliament. But on our return in October before the new Cabinets are formed I think we might meet [...]. Pray assist us to arrive at a friendly settlement [...]".

On stationery with the ensign of the "Privy Council Office" stamped in blue. Collector's note verso: "New South Kensington Builings - that there should be a conference respection (I have asked that the Works Report on 13967 should be sent to me). | Bryant told Mr. C. will be ready to confer in Oct. [...]", dating 16 August.

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