[United States Geological Survey of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia]. Saudi Arabia Landsat Image Maps (1:500,000). 4 maps.

[Reston, VA] / Jiddah, Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Deputy Ministry for Mineral Resources, 1980.

4 maps, 86 x 98 cm to 104 x 102 cm. Printed in brown tones. Transverse Mercator projection, constant ratio linear horizontal scale 1:500,000 scale. All maps but one (32) in their original printed orange envelopes.


The joint NASA/USGS Landsat Programme started in the early 1970s, providing the longest continuous space-based record of the Earth’s surface. Of the five produced in 1:500,000 scale, all but one (no. 34 [IR 333]) are included here. (As Vranas notes, numbers 26-31 and 35-37 were never produced.) They focus on the southwestern portion of the Peninsula; map 32 shows Mecca and Jeddah, though they are not marked. Comprises individually:

32 (IR 331): Southern Hijaz Quadrangle; 33 (IR 332): Southern Najd Quadrangle; 38 (IR 337): Tihamat Ash Sham Quadrangle; 39 (IR 338): ‘Asir Quadrangle.

In excellent condition throughout.


G. J. Vranas, List of Interagency Reports submitted by the US Geological Survey Saudi Arabian Mission to the Saudi Arabian Directorate General of Mineral Resources from 1965 to the beginning of 1992 (Open File Report USGS-OF-92-2. Interagency Report 844 (Jiddah: Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Directorate General of Mineral Resources, 1412 AH/1992 AD), pp. 71, 26-29.

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