"The Turks oppress the Arabians with Tribute, and Govern 'em with great Cruelty"

Moll, Herman. The Turkish Empire in Europe, Asia and Africa, Divided into all its Governments, together with the Other Territories that are Tributary to it, as also the Dominions of the Emperor of Marocco.

London, Herman Moll, John Bowles, Thomas Bowles & John King, ca. 1730.

Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 610 x 1010 mm. Restoration to binding folds and tears.


Moll's large-format map of the Turkish Empire based on De l'Isle, also covering the whole of the Mediterranean, first published in 1714. The caravan route from Basra to Mecca is also given. Includes inset prospects of Constantinople, Smyrna and Jerusalem, and three views of the Holy Sepulchre. A note engraved in the area of the Arabian desert south of today's United Arab Emirates contains a pointed editorial critique of Ottoman rule in Arabia: "The Turks oppress the Arabians with Tribute, and Govern 'em with great Cruelty, which has made them several times attempt to throw off their Yoke, but in Vain: Those of Arabia Felix are kept in Awe by the Turkish Gallies on the Red Sea; and those of the other Arabia's not being able to subsist in their barren Countries have spread themselves into the mountanous parts of Syria and the Desarts of Barbary, Barca &c. where they live by Rapine in the Neighboring Countries, and plundering Travellers." - Well preserved; an excellent, appealingly coloured specimen.

Tibbets 202. Al-Qasimi (2nd ed.) p. 151.

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