Pharmaceutical drug samples used for the training of pharmacy students

[Pharmaceutical Drug Collection]. Behrens, Wilhelm. Original-Drogensammlung No. 1212 wie sie die Studirenden der Drogisten-Akademie Braunschweig für den Unterricht in der Warenkunde haben müssen. Angefertigt von Wilhelm Behrens, Pedell der Drogisten-Akademie Braunschweig. Kasten No. I-VII.

Braunschweig, late 19th century.

A total of 249 dried vegetable samples in 256 original sample boxes with glass lid, each individually labelled. Stored in 7 original cloth boxes, each measuring 505 x 380 x 31 mm.


A finely preserved set containing a wide array of dried pharmaceutical drug samples used for the training of pharmacy students in the late 19th century. Comprises various types of wood, rhizomes, seeds, resin, wax and tea drugs as traditionally employed for medicinal purposes throughout many centuries. Examples include althaea, aconite, arnica, mallow, colocynth, eucalyptus, cinnamon, wormwood, nightshade (belladonna), foxglove (digitalis), bitter lettuce (lactuca virosa), hemlock (conium), surgeon's agaric (fungus chirurgorum), ergot (secale cornutum), sarsaparilla (smilax), alkanet root (radix alcannae), guaiacum, red cinchona (quinine), herb of grace (herba gratiolae), Indian hemp (fructus & herba canabis), poppy capsules (fructus papaveris immaturi), jimsonweed (folia & semen stramonii), kola nut, quaker buttons (semen strychni), tamarind pulp, Ignatius bean, castor bean (semen ricini), etc.

Seven sample boxes are empty. Mostly, it would appear, these were pilfered for culinary purposes, as the missing items - all easily replaceable - are vanilla, almonds, cocoa bean, nutmeg, but also angelica and kamala. Still, a fine ensemble in near-original condition.

The Pharmacists's Academy of Braunschweig was founded in 1880 and closed shortly before its centennial, in 1979. Here, trained pharmacists were able to pursue further education in a rigorous two-semester course followed by a state examination; subjects included chemistry, botany, pharmacology, photography, biology, hygiene, and law. The present boxes would appear to date from the Academy's earliest years. The Braunschweig botanist Behrens (1854-1903), who was in charge of the collection, published several relevant textbooks and manuals, especially on microscopy.

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