[Newe Zeitung - Declaration of Pillnitz]. Kurze Nachricht von dem Churfürstl. Sächsischen Lust-Schloße Pillnitz, und der Zusammenkunft Sr. Römischkaiserl. Königl. Majest. Leopold des Zweyten, und Sr. Königl. Preußischen Majest. Friedrich Wilhelm des Zweyten, daselbst den 25 Aug. 1791.

No place or printer, (1791).

4to. (8) pp. Marbled wrappers.


Very rare pamphlet giving a description of Pillnitz Castle near Dresden (Saxony) and the meeting between Emperor Leopold II and King Frederick William II of Prussia that took place there from 25 to 27 August 1791. The principal outcome was the "Declaration of Pillnitz" issued on the 27th, declaring the joint support of the Holy Roman Empire and of Prussia for King Louis XVI of France against the French Revolution. The present pamphlet makes little mention of the behind-the-scenes diplomacy but recounts in great detail the entrance, fireworks, illuminations, and balls by which the meeting was celebrated.

Light duststaining. No copy in library catalogues internationally.


Not in Hohenemser (Slg. Freytag), Halle - Newe Zeitungen, or Gilhofer - Newe Zeitungen.

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