[Sonderland, Johann Baptist) / Berghaus, Johann Peter. Le vol du héron. Dessiné au Loo en Juillet 1843.

(Leiden, August Arnz & Co., 1844).

Outline lithograph. 522 x 697 mm.


Scene from a falcon hunt held in July 1843 on the moor near Het Loo Palace, Appeldoorn, by the Royal Loo Hawking Club. Prince Alexander, the Club president, is shown at centre with his retainers. To the right are Van Verschuer-Brants and his wife, watching on horseback; Fr. van den Heuvel and Adriaan Mollen are portrayed on the left. One man carries a rack on which several falcons are perched; several captured herons are seen in the foreground.

A proof illustration lithographed by J. P. Berghaus after a drawing by J. B. Sonderland as part of a prospectus for Schlegel and van Wulverhorst's famous series of falcon lithographs.

Traces of folds, light duststaining to the wide margins, otherwise well preserved. First state; the print reserved in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (RP-P-1981-209, FMH 7064) has a more extensive caption (including the note "destinée à accompagner le prospectus de l'ouvrage intitulé: Traité de Fauconnerie par M. M. Schlegel et Verster van Wulverhorst").

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