[Persian manuscript]. Persian poetic manuscript.

Kashmir, [1829/30 CE =] 1245 H.

Folio (196 x 314 mm). Persian manuscript on smoothed oriental paper. 279 (instead of 280) unnumbered ff. Four columns, 25 lines in black ink nasta’liq calligraphy to the page within green, yellow, red and blue rules. With three (of a probable four) title-pages with fine gold and polychrome illumination. Chapter headings in red ink. Indian lacquer binding over boards elaborately illuminated in the "Kashmiri shawl" style.


A substantial Persian manuscript of poetry with finely decorated 'unwan headings. The pretty binding in the Kashmiri "shawl" style with lacquer ornamentation to both covers (the outside as well as the inside) reveals Kashmir, then in northern India, as the place or origin.

Lacks the first leaf, which probably contained an additional lapislazuli headpiece. Spine somehwat rubbed and chipped, a few repairs to the beautiful inside covers. From the collection of the American classicist Kiffin Ayres Rockwell (born Kiffin Y. Rockwell Hayes, 1917-98), nephew of the WWI flying ace Kiffin Yates Rockwell, with his handwritten ownership dated 30 June 1946 and his last name "Hayes" overpasted by the legal form he took in 1955. Includes a typed expertise issued by Prof. Ernst Kühnel of the Islamic Dept. of the Berlin State Museums (dated Berlin, 21 May 1946.

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