Owen, Richard, comparative anatomist and palaeontologist (1804-1892). Autograph letter signed ("Richd. Owen").

Sheen Lodge, [Richmond Park, London], 9. III. 1882.

1 p. on bifolium. 8vo. On stationery with raised green lizard decoration.

Auf Anfrage

To Mrs. Du Plat Taylor, inviting her to the recently opened new Natural History Museum, whose first director he was: "I shall have much pleasure in receiving you and your friends at the New Museum, Cromwell Gardens, on Friday, 17th; you will find me there at & after 11 a.m. Sincerely your's [...]".

A pioneer of paleontology, Owen coined the term "dinosaur". Here, Owen has playfully adorned his stationery's lizard ornament with horns, a protruding tongue, and a wide, serrated tail-end, transforming the reptile into a little dragon - an oddly whimsical touch from the cadaverous-faced Victorian scholar who is described as an unscrupulous, malicious, and even sadistic man in his personal as well as professional affairs.

Emily Emma Charlotte Du Plat Taylor, née Corbet (b. 1841), was the wife of the army officer John Lowther du Plat Taylor, founder of the Army Post Office Corps. She is the grandmother of the maritime archaeologist, Joan du Plat Taylor (1906-83).

Traces of folds, but in fine condition. Inserted in an old collection folder.

Art.-Nr.: BN#53081