Ibn Ghanim al-Maqdisi al-Wa'iz, 'Izzadin 'Abdassalam ibn Ahmad. Kashf al-asrar 'an il-hikam al-muda'a fi t-tuyur wal-azhar (The secrets of the realm of the birds and flowers revealed).

[Probably Morocco], [1878/79 CE =] 1296 H.

4to (180 x 225 mm). Arabic manuscript on paper. 47 pp. 23-25 lines, per extensum, in black and occasional red and yellow ink. Bound in modern blue cloth with marbled covers.


A mystical contemplation of animate and inanimate creatures, in particular of birds and flowers, whose various qualities proclaim the existence and wisdom of their creator. A popular and much-copied work by the Muslim mystic Ibn Ghanim al-Maqdisi (d. 678 H/1279 CE?). A French translation was published in Paris in 1821; an edition of the Arabic text appeared in Cairo in 1280 H.

Written in an elegant northern African, very probably Moroccan calligraphy. A few edge flaws due to brittleness of paper, but on the whole well preserved.

Cf. GAL I, 451 & II, 808f.

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