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Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand, leader of India during the Indian independence movement (1869-1948). Autograph letter signed ("Bapu").

No place, 28. VI. 1932.

8vo. 1¼ pp.

In Gujarati to his friend Behramhi Khambhatta: "I received your letter. I was informed about the arrival of the bottle of medicine, but Major Bhandari hesitates to let me use it. He says that it is a camphor liniment described in British Pharmacopoeia and that it smells very strong and may, therefore, injure the skin. If there is any ill effect, he would be held responsible. If he knows the composition of the solution and thinks that the strength of the ingredients is light enough, he may let me use it. That being the position, if you yourself make the oil please let him know its composition and also describe your experience of its effects. He may then let me use it. I pressed him to permit me to use it, but as he mentioned his responsibility I have kept quiet. The pain in the elbow has not increased. I give it complete rest, of course [...]" (transl.).

Stamped "7550". Slightly browned.

The collected works of Mahatma Gandhi, Vol. 50 (June-August 1932). Government of India, Publications Division Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (1972), no. 106.