Normand, Jacques, French writer (1848-1931). 2 autograph (picture) postcards (signed) and 1 autograph calling card.

26 Rue Dumont d'Urville [Paris], and no place, March 1898, 21 Feb. 1913, and no date.

Oblong 8vo and calling card format. 3 pp.


Asking the recipient to deliver the postcard to Ninette Gauderax, who has won him over for the Philantropic Society, intending to have his donation considered a gesture of charity, and the roses a token of friendship: "A votre amie Ninette Gauderax, qui m'avait quêté pour la Société Philantropique. Sans y chercher de parabole Desirez l'envoi par moitié: Pour la Charité, mon obole, Et ces roses pour l'Amitié [...]". With embossed address.

To his old friend, the writer Victor du Bled (1848-1927): "A mon vieil ami Victor du Bled - au dossier suive la scene ce jour [...]". The name "Jacques Normand" likely added by du Bled himself. With a view of "La Malle" manor, inherited by Normand's wife Louise Autran, on verso. The calling card expresses congratulations.

A small portrait of Normand from the Félix Potin collections that were offered with Félix Potin chocolate bars between 1898 and 1922 under the title "contemporary celebrities", as well as 2 portraits (one with a short biography below) clipped from journals, are loosely enclosed.

With traces of former mounting on verso.

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