[Syria and Lebanon - French military cartography]. [Levant. 1:50,000].

Paris, Service Geographique de l'Armee, 1926-1939.

26 colour-printed topographic maps, sheets ca. 80 x 57 cm each or smaller. Constant ratio linear horizontal scale 1:50,000.


A rare set of 26 maps from the French military's atlas of the Levant, produced from the mid-1920s until the Second World War. Each highly detailed sheet is based on a quarter degree grid cell. The maps in the present ensemble focus on the environs of Aleppo (9 sheets), Latakia and Jableh (2 sheets), Hama and Homs (5 sheets), and Beirut and Sidon, east of the outskirts of Damascus (10 sheets). Considered products of military intelligence by the French government, the maps fell into German hands when Germany invaded France in 1940. The present maps were accessioned by the Geographical Institute of the University of Berlin during the early 1940s and bear the Institute's stamps and pencil shelfmarks.

Individual titles: Alep, Amouk, Batroun, Beyrouth, Djeble, Djezzine, El Hammam, Halba, Hama Ouest, Harim, Homs, Jabal es Smane, Jebail, Kartaba, Lattaquie, Ouest D'El Bab, Ouroum es Soughra, Rachaya-Nord, Rastane-Mecherfeh, Rayak, Saida, Sfire, Tell Kalakh, Tell Rifat, Zahle, Zebdani.

Occasional edge and corner flaws, some wrinkling, duststaining and minor chips and tears to margins, but altogether well preserved. The supersized map of Beirut is folded down the centre.

OCLC 49951650.

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