Two early standard works on the Coptic language

La Croze, Mathurin Veyssière de. Lexicon Aegyptiaco-Latinum ex veteribus illius linguae monumentis summo studio collectum et elaboratum.

Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1775.

XI, (1), 199, (67) pp.

(Bound with) II: Scholtz, Christian. Grammatica Aegyptiaca utriusque dialecti. Ibid., 1778. XII, 148, (4) pp. Modern half calf over marbled covers, preserving the original giltstamped black spine label.


Rare standard work: an early dictionary of Coptic, the language descended from Ancient Egyptian, compiled by the lapsed Benedictine monk and later Royal Prussian librarian Mathurin Veyssière La Croze (1661-1739). First edition, posthumously edited from La Croze's papers by the Berlin theologian and linguist Christian Scholtz (1697-1777) and the London-based orientalist Karol Gotfryd (Charles Godfrey) Woide (1725-90). Scholtz, brother-in-law to one of La Croze's students, obtained the posthumous manuscript from Leiden and had it copied by Woide; his publication of the work (with Woide's annotations and indices) became the standard Coptic dictionary of the late 18th and early 19th century.

Scholtz's own grammar of Coptic did not appear until a year after his own death, in turn edited by Woide. In this copy, both the Lexicon and the Grammatica are bound together in a single volume.

Some browning and a few edge flaws. Dictionary annotated throughout in ink and pencil by a contemporary English scholar.

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