Rumi (Jalal al-Din Muhammad Balkhi). Masnavi-i ma'navi-i Mawlavi. Books 5 and 6 (of 6).

Probably Safavid Persia, [1657 CE =] 1067 H.

Folio (237 x 354 mm). Persian manuscript on smoothed oriental paper. (207) pp. on 104 ff. Four columns, 25 lines in black ink nasta’liq calligraphy to the page within gold and blue rules. Chapter headings and synopses in red ink, two title-pages with fine gold and polychrome illumination. Catchwords, marginal notes. Colophon includes floral illumination and a pen-and-ink drawing of a man with a turban. Dark brown tooled calf binding with oriental ornaments.


Books 5 and 6 of Rumi's Mathnavi Ma’navi ("The Spiritual Couplets"), the great poem by the Persian theologian and mystic Rumi (1207-73). One of the most influential works of Sufism, the work has been hailed as "the Persian Quran" and the greatest mystical poem in world literature.

Manuscript signed Zelli Al Hosseini and dated Friday, 19 Rajab 1067 AH (3 May 1657 CE). Old waqf stamps; some waterstaining throughout, more severe near end, but altogether beautifully preserved.

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