[Turkey]. Asie ouest 1:2.000.000e Flle. 1.

Beirut, Bureau Topographique des Troupes du Levant, 1939.

Colour-printed map. Ca. 84 x 63 cm. Constant ratio linear horizontal scale: 1:2,000,000. Relief shown as gradient tints and spot heights.

With: Lembke, Herbert. Jährliche Niederschlagsmenge im westlichen Vorderasien. Gotha, Justus Perthes, 1940 (Petermanns Georg. Mitteilungen, 86. Jg., Tafel 26). Colour-printed map, scale 1:3,700,000. Ca. 66 x 42 cm.


French-produced map of the western portion of Turkey, showing the eastern tip of Bulgaria, the Aegean, Crete, Cyprus, the northern coast of Africa, and Asia Minor to Ankara. Issued by the French military just prior to the Second World War.

Folded, some tears to margins. Formerly in the collections of the Geographical Institute of the University of Berlin, accessioned during wartime as part of the German military' spoils, with requisite stamp and shelfmarks.

Includes a German wartime map of Turkey, also removed from the University of Berlin, showing the average annual rainfall.


OCLC 497879161, 495083198.

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