First illustrated printed edition

Firdawsi, Abu’l-Qasim. [Kitab-i Shah-nama-i]. The Shah Nahmeh. An Heroic Poem. Containing the History of Persia from Kioomurs to Yesdejird.

[Bombay], 1849 CE / 1266 H.

(2), 23, (1), 1101, (1), 101, 2-30 (instead of 32) pp. 4 columns, 27 lines of Nasta'liq, lithographed throughout, with numerous large illustrations in the text. Contemporary full dark leather binding, covers with gilt borders and decorations, spine professionally renewed.


First illustrated printed edition of Firawsi's monumental Persian national epic, lithographed in Bombay.

Paper browned and brittle; numerous small edge chips and flaws (no loss to text); occasional traces of worming and waterstains; some old repairs. Lacks the final leaf of the table of contents at the end. Discarded from the municipality library of Baldia, Karachi, with their "Rare Book" stamps and red cancellation mark; old shelfmark stricken out. Very rare: a single copy listed in library catalogues (University of Marburg, shelfmark 085 4 2021/00344).

OCLC 1253292820.

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