Poincaré, Raymond, French president (1860-1934). Autograph quotation signed.

N. p., [ca. 1919-1920].

Oblong 12mo (visiting card format). 1 p. and two lines. On two cards mounted on paper (4to).


Congratulating a "Radio Club" with an aphorism on the perils of French pacifism and the justified demands of France, probably in the wake of the Allied victory in World War I: "La France est sincèrement pacifique, mais elle n'entend pas que la paix tourne à la confusion des vainqueurs. Elle ne demande que son dû, mais dans l'intérêt même de la justice. Elle est resolue à ne rien céder de ses droits [...]".

During the negotiations for the Treaty of Versailles, president Poincaré was among the hardliners, especially concerning the future of the Rhineland. Poincaré considered his resignation, as he did not fully support the final terms of the treaty negiotiated by his prime minister Georges Clemenceau.

Signature and parts of the text slightly faded. Some browning.

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