[Distillation recipes]. German recipe compendium.

No place, late 17th - early 18th century

8vo. (282) pp., including 2 blank ff. German manuscript on paper. Contemporary full vellum.


Curious manuscript comprising 163 numbered recipes for alchemical purposes as well as pharmacological substances, including oils and tinctures of domestic plants, herbs, and fruits, as well as a variety of spirits obtained through distillation. Anonymously composed, the largest part of the manuscript is written in a single hand; merely a few pages appear to be written by a different scribe. Presumably prepared by a pharmacist, physician or amateur eager to prepare successfully all kinds of remedies, it ascribes astonishing powers to spirits, stating that rosemary aquavit has the potential to cure all kinds of disesases, even cancer and gout. Further, the collection includes several recipes to help with childbirth as well as common childhood illnesses, offers peculiar methods of contraception, involving a potion of artichokes, and recommends the use of the crushed eyes of crabs, which, in the combination with seashells, spices and "yellow viola water", supposedly can help with icterus.

Includes 14 pp. with a summary of the Book of Genesis. Unconnected manuscript headers at the end of the manuscript indicate that it was originally intended as a commonplace book of theological content (the headers reading, inter alia, "De deo et tribus", "De homine", "De testamentis", and "De morte").

Binding rather worn; vellum lacking from lower board; traces of worming to lower board and final pages, not affecting text. Paper occasionally brownstained. A unique survival.

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