Steinbeck, John, American writer and Nobel laureate (1902-1968). Autograph letter signed.

[Positano], "Good Friday" [20 April 1962].

Folio (203 x 318 - 217 x 350 mm). 5 pp. on 3 ff. With autograph envelope.


Long letter to his friend Robert Wallston in New York about his vacation in Italy and a quarrel with his attorney regarding "The Log from the Sea of Cortez", with the suggestion to record tapes for future generations, and showing his pride at being created an "honorary stranger of Positano":

"Here we are Positaning - arrived yesterday by boat from Capri: The weather is changed to better and the whole family is famished for Lotuses or is it Loti. Seems to be a good lotus crop here complete with Bongo drums [...] Robert, I thought I had told you [...] never to show unfinished mss to an amateur. Every one is a writer and all will help. The less they know the more they will help. I finally made my 'Law' when my attorney, reading the opening lines of the Sea of Cortez, said 'Now I wouldn't have done it like that. What you ought to do is' - and then I blew with gilded words saying, 'You stupid son of a bitch, you wouldn't have done it at all [...] Your little Queen of the May thinks she is a book. All she is is 'subject matter' [...] And no one can edit him or herself. If she wanted fiction she should have employed Dick Nixon's ghost writer [...] But you have unique weapons. My advice to you is to rent a big safe deposit box under an assumed name and deposit there all your tape recordings [...] Future generations will have access not only to your glorious voice but to your inmost thoughts. But the best part is that they make you sound 'So Human' [...] Couldn't we use the word Confessions in the title? That would alone about sell 20,000 copies. I know you haven't! But we could make them up. Everybody does [...] Now it is the day of the Easter and a good thing too. La Vita got pretty dolce. The gay Roman play boys came down with their fashion models, and don't you believe that crap about how they go on every day [...] Next Thursday we are taking an Eytie ship [...] for Athens [...] I don't want to make you jealous but I have been made an honorary Stranger of Positano. That's true. And I can wear the decoration as a supository. Forestiero Onorario. I bet I'm the only one you know [...]".

A few small marginal tears.

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