Guizot, François, French politician and writer (1787-1874). Letter signed "Guizot".

Paris, 19. II. 1836.

4to. ½ p. on bifolium.


From Guizot's term as Minister of Education, thanking the unnamed recipient for a proposal concerning elementary education: "J'ai reçu la lettre du 2 février courant, dans laquelle vous indiquez des procédés expéditifs pour l'enseignement élémentaire. Je vous remercie de cette communication [...]".

François Guizot was one of the most loyal supporters of King Louis Philippe, moving from the Ministry of Education (1832-37) to become Foreign Minister (1840-47), and finally Prime Minister of France (19 September 1847 to 23 February 1848). Guizot resigned just ahead of the abdication of Louis Philippe and left Paris for London a few days later, remaining in exile just over a year. In 1845, during his term as Foreign Minister, Guizot orderd the expulsion of Karl Marx from Paris. Marx mentions Guizot's action in the preface to "A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy" (1859).

On stationery with printed letterhead of the "Ministère de l'Instruction publique". With traces of folds, insignificant foxing and browning, a minor tear, and traces of former mounting.

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