[Prodigal Son]. Four etchings intended as supraportes.

Bassano del Grappa, Remondini, ca. 1750.

Ca. 676 x 480 mm to 755 x 523 mm. Coloured etchings on paper. Partly heightened in gold and silver. Two of the prints mounted on canvas.


Rare supraporte prints from the famous publishing house Remondini, depicting four episodes from the biblical Parable of the Prodigal Son. In the sequence of the biblical narrative, the etchings with legends in Spanish and Latin show the Prodigal Son collecting his share of the inheritance from his father, the Prodigal Son leaving the parental home, the Prodigal Son being reduced to serve as a swineherd after he squandered his fortune, and the reconciliation with his father following his desperate return home. The beautiful coloured etchings are wholly Rococo in style, from the large ornamental frames to the opulent clothing of the protagonists and decor within the scenes. Embracing the timeless character of a parable, the 18th century viewers were supposed to identify with the protagonists and have their taste in Rococo ornaments met.

The house of Remondini was founded in Bassano del Grappa by the merchant Giovanni Antonio Remondini (1634-1711) and was successfully expanded by his son Giuseppe Remondini (1672-1742). Apart from prints and books, Remondini produced decorated papers for various uses and wallpapers. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, Remondini was among the largest print publishers of Italy. The supraportes with the Prodigal Son are a beautiful example of the large portfolio of the company and its international market.

With occasional stains and some foxing. The return scene shows old restorations due to water damage, leaving some areas brittle, especially in the lower margin, and causing minimal losses to the print. The departure scene shows two small defects.

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