[Favrat, Marc (Marquis de), painter, lover of Elisabeth of Romania (fl. 1950s)]. Typed letter to Favrat, signed "Iris Peters".

Nice, 9. VI. 1959.

4to. 1½ pp. on 2 ff. With typed envelope.


To Marquis Marc de Favrat in Cannes, requesting him to be her personal guide at Favrat's art exposition in Cannes, invoking his artistic talents to console him for the loss of his "worldly possessions". Currently on a journey through Europe accompanied by her grandparents, Iris points out that her grandmother had connections to the royal family of Romania: "My grandmother, born in Coburg, knew Queen Marie and Prince Carol; she was present when the black and gold ship of the Czar family came to the Bosphorus [...] Only one thing saddens me, we do not know anybody here and when they take me to the tea-dance at the Casino once a week I can only dance with my grandfather. He is a very good dancer but I am only twenty and I do so want to live a little [...]".

Marc Favrat gained fame through his relationship with princess Elisabeth of Romania (1894-1956) who finally settled in Cannes some years after her expulsion from Romania in 1947, when the Romanian People's Republic had been proclaimed. The much younger aspiring artist Favrat had become Elisabeth's lover, equerry, and adopted son in the year of her death.

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