[Favrat, Marc (Marquis de), painter, lover of Elisabeth of Romania (fl. 1950s)]. Handwritten letter to Favrat, signed "Eric".

Mouans-Sartoux, 20. XI. 1906.

Oblong 4to. 2 pp. on bifolium. With autograph envelope.


Eric, who attended the funeral of Princess Elisabeth outside the church, honours Elisabeth's friendship and commitment to Favrat (referring to her as Marc's mother) and asks for a personal souvenir as one of the presents he once gave to the Princess: "Je suis fier de mes souvenirs d'amitié avec Sa Majesté ta mère. Elle t'a donné tout ce qu'elle avait à te donner. Tu seras digne de l'honneur [...]".

Marc Favrat gained fame through his relationship with Princess Elisabeth of Romania (1894-1956), who settled in Cannes some years after her expulsion from Romania in 1947, when the Romanian People's Republic was proclaimed. The much younger aspiring artist Favrat became Elisabeth's lover, equerry and adopted son in the year of her death.

With recipient's note to envelope "Eric Brunton".

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