Breckner, Margaret and Julia (Gretchen and Julchen), chambermaids of Princess Elisabeth of Romania (fl. 1950s). Typed document signed.

Cannes, 4. II. 1957.

Folio. 1 page.


Receipt for a gift of 200,000 francs by Marc Favrat, of the complete wardrobe of the deceased Princess Elisabeth of Romania, former Queen of Greece, as well as some furs coats, objects of emotional value, and personal belongings from the villa "Rosalba" in Cannes, taken with them to their future domicile with Prince Nicholas of Romania in Madrid: "De plus, S. A. R. nous a fait comme cadeau 'don' de la garde-robe complète de S. M. la Reine Elisabetha ainsi que certaines fourrures, et divers objets dont nous étions attachés [...]".

Together with the Princess's lover Marc Favrat, the Breckner sisters were among the servants and circle around Elisabeth of Romania (1894-1956) who stayed with her until the end. Elisabeth had settled in Cannes some years after her expulsion from Romania in 1947, when the Romanian People's Republic was proclaimed. In France she met the much younger aspiring artist Favrat, who became her lover and whom she made her equerry and adopted son in the year of her death.

With blind-embossed letterhead "Maison civile en France de S. M. la Reine Elisabeth".

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