Versification of Arabic grammar

Ibn Miqlash al-Wahrani, 'Abd al-Rahman ibn Muhammad. Sharh Muqaddamah al-Ajurrumiyah [Commentary on the Al-Muqaddima al-Ajurrumiya of al-Sanhaji].

Northern Africa, [15 Feb. 1729 CE =] 16 Rajab 1141 H.

4to (156 x 225 mm). Arabic manuscript on strong laid paper. 154 pp, 24 lines per extensum, calligraphy in beautiful and fine Maghribi in brown ink, titles in yellow, emphases words are in yellow, red, or green. Bound in late 19th century marbled boards with cloth spine.


Uncommon commentary by Ibn Miqlash al-Wahrani on a versification of the "Ajurrumiya", the famously popular outline of Arabic grammar written by Abu 'Abdallah Muhammad ibn Da'ud as-Sanhaji Ibn Ajurrum (d. 723 H / 1323 CE in Safar). A Northern African manuscript from the early 18th century CE, colophon signed by the scribe Muhammad ibn 'Ali ibn Ramadan ibn Isma'il al-Hariri and dated 16 Rajab 1141 AH, "at the time of the noon prayer".

Numerous marginal annotations; modern pencil pagination. Binding rubbed, old stamp to front endpaper, otherwise well preserved.


Cf. GAL II, 237ff.

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