[Jesuits]. Elogio del Pre Gasparo Sanchez morto nel Coll.o Imperiale di Madrid il giorno 16 di Novembre 1628.

N. p., first half of the 18th century.

4to. Italian manuscript on paper. 2 pp.


Eulogy for the Spanish Jesuit theologian and translator Gaspar Sanchez (1553-1628), sent as a letter to the Jesuit Girolamo Mattia in Recanati. According to the baroquely exuberant eulogy, Sanchez was so learned and virtuous that "ultimately the Devil himself was once forced to give glorious testimony to his angelic purity and profound humilty". Texts such as these were intended to be read on the anniversary of the friar's death, probably to the students at the Jesuit college of Recanati.

With a tear from breaking the seal (no loss to text) and a vertical slit affecting the text.

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