Brink, Jules ten, Dutch composer (1838-1889). Autograph letter signed.

9, rue de Douai [Paris], 1. III. 1888.

8vo. 1 p. on bifolium.


To an unidentified editor, asking him to reprint an article from the French daily "L'Estafette" about the first concert of his son Henri ten Brink, a student of the Belgian violin virtuoso Martin-Pierre Marsick: "Mon fils Henri, élève de Marsick, vient de faire ses débuts dans le monde musical et a obtenu un beau succès. Je vous serais reconnaissant si vous vouliez bien reproduire le petit article ci-inclus et découpé dans l'Estafette".

Jules ten Brink was a student of Auguste Dupont in Brussels and Ernst Friedrich Richter in Leipzig. He worked as a bandmaster in Lyon from 1860 to 1868 and later as a piano teacher and composer in Paris. Ten Brink's compositions include an orchestral suite (1874), a symphonic poem (1876), a symphony, two violin concertos, as well as the comic operas Calonice (1869/1870) and Mascarille (1888). After his studies in Paris, Henri ten Brink (1856-1920) emigrated to South Africa, where he worked as a musician and composer.

Minor browning. Well preserved. With collector's notes in pencil (verso).

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