Twelve issues of the popular Aramco magazine

Arabian American Oil Company. Aramco World.

New York, Aramco, 1960-1965.

Small folio (215 x 280 mm). 12 issues. Original printed wrappers. Stapled.


Set of 12 issues of the popular Aramco magazine. In November 1949 the Arabian American Oil Company launched "Aramco World" as an interoffice newsletter that linked the company's U.S. offices with "the field" - primarily Dhahran, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The journal quickly grew into a bi-monthly educational magazine featuring historical, geographical and cultural articles that helped the American employees and their families appreciate an unfamiliar land.

The present collection comprises vol. 11, no. 5; vol. 14, nos. 5-8; vol. 15, nos. 1-3 and 5-6; vol. 16, nos. 1 and 2.

11 issues addressed to Michigan resident Florence E. Lostuzzi on verso.

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