A rare insight into the demanding work environment of Aramco personnel

[Arabian American Oil Company]. Collection of slides.

Saudi Arabia, 1950s.

75 original Kodachrome red border colour slides (35 mm film).


Private collection compiled by an Aramco engineer active in Saudi Arabia, particularly remarkable due to the exceptionally well retained rich colours of the images - a signature feature of Kodachrome red border slides, which were only produced between the years 1941 and 1959.

Providing a rare insight into the demanding work environment of Aramco personnel, the slides document the cohabitation and collaboration of American and Saudi Arabian staff. They show the exploration for oil and the installment of drilling compounds, as well as large Aramco trucks, frequently carrying explosives. Other images depict groups of workers enjoying a meal in a tent, resting in the shade of a truck, having tea, or playing cards. In addition, the set includes pictures of a small Aramco plane, traditional markets and flocks of sheep, as well as two slides showing scenes from Hadramaut (the only captioned slides).

Extraordinarily well preserved.

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