Ibn Khaldun. Muqaddimat Ibn Khaldun. Al-juz' al-awwal min Kitab al-'ibar wa-diwan al-mubtada' wa-al-khabar fi ayyam al-'Arab al-'Ajam wa-al-Barbar wa-man 'asarahum min dhawi al-sultan al-akbar wa-huwa tarikh wahid 'asruh.

Cairo, Maktabat al-Tijariyah al-Kubra, [ca. 1900].

8vo (185 x 242 mm). 588, (1), 11 pp. Original red cloth with giltstamped title to upper cover and spine.


Undated Cairo edition of Ibn Khaldun's famous "Muqaddimat fi'l tarikh" (Prolegomena to History). "Ibn Khaldun's title to enduring fame [...] is bound up with that remarkable product of his pen, the Prolegomena to History. Here his genius reveals itself in its full splendor. Here he scatters with lavish hands the ripe fruits of his reflection on the course of human history. Hammer-Purgstall hailed him as an Oriental Montesquieu [...] He was indeed the first to describe comprehensively the state of the various sciences in the Muslim world: the arts, the trades, the commerce, the means of obtaining a living; the forms of government and the administration of justice and public affairs; every important aspect of the social life known to him" (Schmidt, p. 14).

Front inner hinge weakened. Old pencil annotation to title-page. Occasional light waterstains to the margins, otherwise well preserved.


OCLC 918530389. Cf. Schmidt, Ibn Khaldun, p. 56 (citing only the Bulaq editions of the complete works published between 1857 and 1872).

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