Indian miniatures

[Ram Pratap Brahman]. Chintamani Granth.

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, 19th century.

Oblong 8vo (204 x 135 mm). 22 ff. Sanskrit manuscript on paper. Black ink with divisions and important words and phrases in red. With 8 full-page hand-painted miniatures. Contemporary floral cloth with flap; leaves folded and laid in but never bound.

Auf Anfrage

A Sanskrit manuscript with eight brightly painted miniatures illustrating twenty-four numbered dohas (verses). The book of poetry is probably associated with the Ramsnehi Sect, a religious movement popularized in 18th century India by its leader and founder, Ramcharan Ji Maharaj.

The miniatures show a scene of a battle with demons, but also human life: a marriage scene, and the birth of a child and the congratulations heaped upon the parents and blessings upon the baby. Likely, they tell the story of a single man, from birth to death, possibly one of the important figures of the Ramsnehi Sect. In bold style, each painting is bright and vivid, on fields of green, saffron, azure, and pale blue, and are lovely examples of 19th century miniatures.


Light soiling; paintings bright and clean, remarkably well preserved.

Art.-Nr.: BN#63058