Paget, John, Kameralist und Schriftsteller (1808-1892). 2 eigenh. Briefe und 1 eh. Brieffragment mit U.

Nizza, 1854.

Zusammen 6 SS. 8vo.


An einen namentlich nicht genannten Adressaten: "Not having received any further answer as to my request, touching my return to Hungary, and fearing lest further delay should prevent me undertaking the journey till late in Autumn which I should be desirous to avoid for health's sake, I take the liberty of requesting your Lordship to urge the attention of the Austrian Authorities to the subject. I have reason to believe that the answer of the Transsylvanian government to whom reference was to be made would not be unfavourbale, and I therefore am inclined to think the delay arises rather from forgetfulness than any other cause [...]".

Der studierte Mediziner lernte während einer Italienreise in Rom die Baroness Polyxena Wesselény, Witwe des Barons Ladislaus Bánffy, kennen und lieben. Nach der Hochzeit 1837 durch Ungarn reisend, "he devoted himself to the development of his wife's estates, and gained a high reputation as a scientific agriculturist and a beneficient landlord, introducing an improved breed of cattle, and paying special attention to viniculture" (DNB).

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