[China - Schrämbl, F. A. Zweiter Theil der Karte von Asien, welche China, einen Theil der Tatarei, Indien jenseits des Ganges, die Inseln Sumatra, Iava, Borneo, Moluken, Philippinen, und Iapon enthaelt. Verfasst von Herrn d'Anville.

Vienna, Joseph Philipp Schalbacher, 1786].

Engraving, 864 x 632 mm (plate dimensions 715 x 514 mm). Borders in contemp. colour.


Depicts the Far East from Tibet and Bhutan to China and Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Forms the second and last sheet of the map distributed under the above-quoted title from the Schalbacher-Schrämbl "Großer Allgemeinen Atlas" (1786-1803; sheet no. 14). The first map (not present here) shows Indonesia. Engraved by J. Adam; scale c. 1:7,4 million.

Wide blank margins slightly dusty, with insignificant waterstain, otherwise a good and clean impression.

Dörflinger/Hühnel I, 134, 14.

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