Monsigny, Pierre-Alexandre, composer (1729-1816). Autograph letter signed.

Reiners, 23 Sept. 1774.

8vo. 1 p. on double leaf.


To an unnamed "Collegue": "[...] - la Verité, mon Cher Collègue, permettez-moi [...] Vous, cet amour fraternel qui rend preuve [...] de l'Esprit, la paternité [...] ceux [...]. faire qu'avec [...] ... [...] cette ardeur [?]? ... [...] ? Est-ce que vous vous [...] moquer [?] ? [...]".

With his dramatic work Monsigny is among the "most important stage composers in 18th century France" (MGG IX, 481).

Includes one contemporary portrait etching; from the possession and in the original printed collecting folder of Alfred Bovet, whose famous catalog (published in 1887) is probably the greatest example to date of any representation of an autograph collection in book form.

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