[Lower Austria]. - Bandit chief Grasl. "Verzeichnis all derjenigen mittel und unmittelbaren Theilnehmer an den Verbrechen des Raubmörders Georg Grasel".

"Crime Court Drosendorf", 24 Oct. 1815.

Folio. Title and 10 pp. on 6 ff.


List of the accomplices of the legendary bandit Johann Georg Grasl (1790-1818) prepared by the criminal court official Schopf. Noted are, as far as known, the names of 61 persons including their nicknames and a short description, from which we learn that not only half of Grasl's family indulged in the crime, but also Theresia "Resel" Hamberger, "the mistress of the bandit chief Grassl and a very brazen person", as well as her brother Johann: "23 years old, of small stature, short brown hair, eyes same colour, no beard, small face, pointed chin, long nose, pockmarked face, speaks German, a very rakish fellow who has taken part in many of Grassl's crimes". "Dog's Soup", name unknown, a "young hussy with many measles on her face who supports herself through begging", a similarly nameless carriage driver from Weitersfeld is also indicted for having given Grassl lodging; Isak Stern, a "Jew in Bernschlag", "knowingly bought stolen goods for himself", and a tailor from Stalleck "is accused of fraud".

Grassl himself, who began his career with minor infractions and ended it with a hold-up murder, tended towards the bottle in his advanced age, and was finally captured in an innhouse conspiracy; on the 31st of January 1818 he was publicly hanged in Vienna.