Florus, Lucius Annaeus. Lucii Flori bellorum Romanorum libri quattuor ex vetustissimo exemplari novissime: ac diligenter recogniti.

(Vienna, Hieronymus Vietor & Johann Singriener für Leonhard & Lucas Alantsee, 23 July - 13 Sept. 1511).

2 parts in 1 volume. (14), LX, (50) ff.

(Bound after) II: Arator. Arator poeta christianissimus in actus apostoloru[m]. [Leipzig, Melchior Lotter the elder, ca. 1512]. 58 (instead of 60) ff. (last blank).

(Bound with) III: Sallustius Crispus, Caius. C. Crispi Salustii bellum Catilinarum. Item. Bellum Iugurthinum eiusdem. Item. Variae rationes ex libris eiusdem historiarum exceptae. Item. C. Crispi Salustii Vita. (Strasbourg, Matthias Schürer, August 1512). XCV (instead of XCIV!) ff.

(Bound with) IV: Vergilius, Polydorus. Proverbiorum liber, quo paroemiae insigniores omiu[m] fere scriptorum luculentissima enarratione explicantur. (Ibid., Nov. 1511). (6), XLVII, (1) ff.

(Bound with) V: The same. De inventoribus rerum libri tres. M. Antonii Sabellici de artium inventoribus ad Bassam carmen elegantissimum. [...] Ex secunda recognitione. (Ibid., June 1512).

4to. Contemporary wooden boards with blind-tooled pigskin spine (defective lower cover restored). Wants ties.


I: Pretty edition by Johann Camers; published only two days after Cuspinianus's more common Vienna edition (which was printed by J. Winterburger). With a dedication by the publishers to Francesco II Sforza, about "ars illa imprimendi". Denis explains the simultaneous publication of two Florus editions in Vienna by a possible quarrel between Camers and Cuspinianus. Slightly browned and fingerstained; numerous marginialia and annotations by a contemporary humanist's hand.

II: Second 16th century edition. An epic recasting of the Acts of the Apostles, explaining the stories with far-fetched allegories and numerology. First quire misbound (A1, 5, 2, 6); wants ff. A3-4. Waterstained throughout. Title-page and beginning have remargined paper defects; numerous marginialia and notes by a contemporary humanist's hand.

III: Rare Strasbourg edition of Sallust. Before the last leaf (with a brief Life of the author and the colophon), this copy contains an additional leaf from Schürer's 1513 Sallust edition (VD 16, S 1368), with a different Life of Sallust and the colophon of that edition. Title-page somewhat stained; numerous marginalia by a contemporary humanist's hand.

IV: First work of the Italian-English humanist, first printed in 1498: one of the most popular Renaissance collections of proverbs. Somewhat browned and stained; occasional waterstains. Some passages in Greek.

V: Early edition of this oft-printed principal work: a veritable encyclopaedia of humanist memorial culture, treating the origins of philosophy, medicine, astrology, pharmacy, magic, etc. "Remplie de détails et d'anecdotes curieuses" (Caillet III, 675).

Slightly browned and waterstained; last leaf professionally remargined. Altogether a fine sammelband on classical and neo-Latin literature and historiography in a contemporary binding.


I: VD 16, F 1685. Denis 55 a, b. Graesse II, 604. BNH F 303, C 157. Not in Adams or BM-STC German.

II: VD 16, A 3185. BM-STC German 39. Not in Adams.

III: VD 16, ZV 13683. Muller II, 184, 87. Ritter 2060. Schmidt 82. Not in Adams or BM-STC German.

IV: VD 16, V 770. Muller II, 181, 61. Ritter 2396. Schmidt 58. Not in Adams or BM-STC German.

V: VD 16, V 745. Adams V 425. Muller II, 184, 90. Ritter 2397. Schmidt 74. Not in BM-STC German.